When Your Lawn Overflows

Lawns are susceptible to flooding, and require special fixes to prevent.

Much is made about the damage to homes and valuables when flooding occurs, but less is published about the damage to your lawn and landscaping due to excess water. While your lawn requires a healthy amount of water to remain healthy, too much can cause long term or irrevocable flood damage.

Those homes located in low lying areas or at the base of sloping hills are at greatest risk for flood problems. If you own such a piece of land, or are considering buying one that fits this description, then consider the following fixes for lawn flood problems.

French Drains – These are used in various locations around the lawn, transporting water to outlying areas to prevent flooding. These are ideal for lawns that have one or two flooding spots that need to be addressed.

Dry Wells – These are exactly what they sound like, wells that hold excess water and drain it off gradually to prevent saturation. These wells should always be located in lower levels than the home occupying the property.

Curtain Drains – These are perforated drain pipes surrounded by cloth and covered by a filter cloth that remove excess water, carrying it downhill, away from the home. The pipe is covered by gravel which can be easily removed to properly service the drain.

Sump pumps – The most popular drainage method is also the most expensive, with sump pits dug to house the pump units, which are triggered when the water level reaches a certain point. Sump pumps are commonly used in lower levels such as basements.

Lawn Raising – You can raise the level of the lawn as well, which is done through the application of mulch or topsoil. This will rectify any flooding problems in a given area.

Remember, a lawn is just as much a part of your property as the home or shed or carport or whatever, and appropriate steps should be taken to protect it in the event of a flooding event. While some of the solutions may cost a bit of money, this pales in comparison to a flood damage repair bill.

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