Water, A Destructive Force

Water. You don’t realize how much damage it can truly do until it happens to you. Water has unbelievable power behind it. It has the power to destroy an entire home! Even an inch or two of water can produce enough damage to ruin an entire room. Can you picture how bad it must be when you receive a couple feet?

Flooding can cause miles of problems in your home. You come across two major issues when in this situation. Not only are you dealing with all of the destruction from the initial flooding, but you also have to worry about after that’s all gone. While you are worrying about all of the items submerged in water, the sitting water is seeping into your floors. This can affect hardwood, carpet, and even the walls. This part is going to be much worse and harder to deal with than the initial issue.

If you notice that your home has flooded, the first thing you should do is make a call to a local water restoration company. Water that sits is going to hurt your home. If the flooding happened a few days ago, you’re in for even more trouble. Water that has sat for more than 48 hours has the power to start mold growth. Untreated mold is a lot worse than untreated water damage. Mold has the ability to raise health risks in the home and will create a need for even more restoration. Both of these are extremely time consuming and can be costly if not taken care of properly.

No worries! Our water damage restoration company can be your go-to for all of your restoration needs. Not only do we handle water but we do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our experienced professionals will be at your doorstep with all the tools needed for even the worst damage. Contact us anytime – day or night!!

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Thank you to 24/7 Water Restoration for quickly coming to our house and cleaning up the water damage in our basement from a burst pipe. Their technicians were extremely professional and polite. Their quick response reduced the risks of mold setting in and causing even more damage and potential allergies and health concerns for our son. Thank you for your outstanding service!