Low Water Pressure

I don’t know about you, but the winter is my favorite time for a nice hot shower. But every now and again, the water pressure can be on the low side. Most people are completely unaware that low water pressure can be an indication of water damage. Low water pressure doesn’t always mean water damage, though, so don’t assume the worst. Low water pressure can be caused by a number of things such as clogging or maybe the valve simply isn’t tight enough. But, it could also be a result of frozen pipes, burst pipes, or some other plumbing issue that does cause water damage to your home.

If you notice this issue and cannot figure out where it’s coming from, make sure to call a plumber. Don’t forget to turn off the water while you’re waiting! If the plumber gets there and tells you it is water damage, make sure you call a local water restoration company as soon as possible.

Water damage left alone for an extended period of time can cause serious issues. Damage in the walls and ceilings can be some of the worst because gravity becomes a factor. Water naturally tends to flow downward and that means that it would be seeping all the way down into the home into lower floors, basements, or crawlspaces. Mold growth is a problem that can easily stem from this, especially if it is not taken care of within 48-72 hours. Mold growth comes with health risks that can be very dangerous to you and your family.

Please. Do not ignore any signs of water damage. We offer free estimates, so even if you’re not sure, it’s no money out of your pocket just to check and be safe. We will be able to find the source, explain the process, and dry out the home in no time. Our professionals have years of experience with water damage and are very willing to help out 24/7. Call us today!

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Thank you to 24/7 Water Restoration for quickly coming to our house and cleaning up the water damage in our basement from a burst pipe. Their technicians were extremely professional and polite. Their quick response reduced the risks of mold setting in and causing even more damage and potential allergies and health concerns for our son. Thank you for your outstanding service!