How To Avoid Water Damage Due To Drains

Water damage from drains in your home is a common occurrence. Wherever you have drains, you have a potential source of water damage. Even if you’re careful with what you allow down your drains, they can easily become clogged and backed up. Drains are often a cause of major water damage in your home. However, drains are a must in any home that uses water. So, how do you avoid water damage due to drains? It’s not always possible, but here are some tips:

**Use strainers or stoppers to prevent food from entering your kitchen drains. And don’t put anything down a garbage disposal that doesn’t belong there. This includes pasta, rice, peels (banana, potato), grease, bones, egg shells, and fibrous veggies – like celery. Some things you should avoid putting down your kitchen drains include coffee grounds, grease, chemicals, and cooking oils.

**For bathroom drains, check tub, showers and sink drains regularly for hair. You can purchase a snake tool to remove excess buildup of hair every month or so to prevent clogging. Toilets are also considered drains and some products you want to keep out include cigarette butts, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, nail polish remover, any chemicals that are caustic, and even flushable cat litter.

**Utility drains can also become clogged or backed up. Do not use utility sinks to get rid of old paint, motor oil, grease from lawnmowers, solvents, turpentine, or anti-freeze. These types of chemicals should be properly disposed of. Your city or county should have disposal plants for these types of chemicals that can back up or even corrode your drains and pipes.

Water damage due to drains should be cleaned up by aprofessional water damage company as the water that comes back up is not considered ‘clean’. It can contain harmful chemicals and/or parasites and bacteria. Contact our water damage restoration professionals today for a free estimate for any and all of your water damage needs. We’re here day and night to serve you!

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