Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction. What is it exactly? Well, hot water extraction is when water that’s somewhere around 122-248 degrees Fahrenheit is needed to remove contaminants in a specified area. An everyday example of this would be steam cleaning carpets. Care to learn more? Just keep reading!

You can start your own hot water extraction process by coating the area of concern with an alkaline solution. This solution should be at least a 7 on the pH scale. After the solution is spread out, make sure you brush it out to send a disturbance throughout. This disturbance will put the solution in motion and get it working. Next, you’ll add the hot water! The name ‘steam cleaning’ is a tad misleading. Even though, yes there is steam, the steam isn’t what gets the job done. The boiling hot water does. It completely flushes out the carpet and gets rid of all contaminants hidden within. This includes the solution that you put down in the first place. After this step is complete, an acidic solution should be combined to level out all the chemicals.

Hot water extraction can be beneficial for plenty of reasons. This process will remove almost any stain that your carpet may have. It doesn’t just make your carpets look nice. The air in the room will smell a lot cleaner, too. Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about actually purchasing a steam cleaner. There are a ton of places that offer rental steam cleaners of all kinds; industrial, deep clean, and portable. So, if your carpet looks like it needs some ‘freshening up’ try out this technique. Hot water extraction is your best bet when it comes to stain/odor removal for your carpets. Dirt, wine, pet stains, and so much more can be eliminated with hot water extraction. Next time you have a tough stain, give it a try!

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