Get Ahead Of Winter Weather Water Damage

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, winter is pretty much here…for most of us anyway! It’s important to look at how the temperatures can affect your home and plumbing. Water damage problems can come from these easily. The sooner it’s taken care of, the better it will be for you and your wallet.

One thing that almost everyone will see now and again is the ice dam, or icicles. While not all of them are a major problem, they definitely have the potential to become something you do not want to deal with. These dams form when too much water is on the roof and freezes there. This blocks the natural water flow off the roof. This can potentially cause massive water buildup and can seep into your roof. A well-ventilated attic can help prevent this issue. The chances of it melting and refreezing are greatly reduced when it is colder.

Another winter problem includes freezing pipes. This is the most common water damage issue in the winter. Pipes even have potential to burst under such extreme conditions. The areas you want to be most cautious about include the attic, crawlspace, and exterior walls of the home. They are closest to the outdoor elements. When dealing with pipes in these areas, there is no such thing as too much insulation. Keeping the home above 60 degrees Fahrenheit is another way to ensure the pipes stay nice and warm during this chilly season.

Water damage of any kind should be immediately reported to a water restoration company. We make sure we are both on the same page at all times. We go over each step with you beforehand so you know what you are in for. Our trained professionals will find the source and help prevent the issue from coming back. Contact us today for a free water damage restoration estimate!

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Thank you to 24/7 Water Restoration for quickly coming to our house and cleaning up the water damage in our basement from a burst pipe. Their technicians were extremely professional and polite. Their quick response reduced the risks of mold setting in and causing even more damage and potential allergies and health concerns for our son. Thank you for your outstanding service!