Extracting Water And Time

It doesn’t matter if you have a flood or a small leak under the sink, the key rules apply to all water restoration projects. Before making any repairs to the home or business, the water inside must be extracted and in the least time consuming manner possible. The faster it’s out, the better it will be for you in the end.

Water extraction is when you remove any unwanted water from your home or business. Depending on the size of the water damage, you can use anything from mops, towels, rags to wet/dry vacs or industrial water extraction machines. Anything that will remove the water from your property will work. The bigger devices, like the wet vac, are more advanced and will be able to get the job done a lot quicker than the others. Keep in mind that not ALL of the water will be withdrawn from the home. There is always some that you can’t see hiding somewhere.

In order to get all of the moisture in the floors/walls out, you must begin the drying process. The faster this is done, the less chance you have of mold growth and structural damage. Drying out the home can be accomplished with blowers, dehumidifiers, and fans. If you’d like to speed up the process you can get some circulation flowing. This means opening doors, windows, and drawers to get the air flowing throughout the property.

If carpet has been exposed to water for more than 48 hours, you may want to get rid of it, as there might be mold beginning to grow within. Mold can bring health risks and/or allergy-like symptoms to people in the home. This is especially concerning for elderly and children, as their immune systems are weaker. It’s a good idea to start the cleanup process before the 48 hour mark if possible.

Calling a professional water damage cleanup company will ensure that you are getting the job done right the first time around. Checkups are always nice to have, but how many of them do you get for free? Our free estimates make it so you don’t pay when you don’t need to! Give us a call today for all of your water damage restoration needs today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Thank you to 24/7 Water Restoration for quickly coming to our house and cleaning up the water damage in our basement from a burst pipe. Their technicians were extremely professional and polite. Their quick response reduced the risks of mold setting in and causing even more damage and potential allergies and health concerns for our son. Thank you for your outstanding service!