Air Conditioning Your Home

The heat is finally starting to settle in, which means it’s also time to set up the air conditioner. Central air is one of the best things you can have during the summer months, but not every home is equipped with it. For those of us struggling to get out of the heat, fans and air-conditioner units get the job done. Air-conditioner units are obviously going to give you more of the cool feeling you’re looking for, but they do require some maintenance to avoid damage to your home.

Most air-conditioners are running for a good portion of the time, if not all day. With the unit running all day, there’s bound to be some condensation building up. If water is building up, there needs to be a release. Properly setup air-conditioners will either lead away from the home or include some sort of pan for the water to drop off in. However, some air-conditioners will hang over porches, stoops, etc. And some don’t have a drip pan at all! This raises significant concern for your porch and/or your home.

Choosing to place your air-conditioner without a drip pan may cost you in the end. With all of the water that air-conditioners produce, the wood from the porch may begin to show unsightly signs of water damage. These signs include, but are not limited to, warping, staining, or rotting wood. If the water starts to leak into your home, you could be looking at water damage in the basement and/or crawlspace as well. Water damage mixed with dark, humid, dusty areas is an invitation for mold growth.

Any time you’re faced with water damage, make sure to call your local water damage professionals. Not only will they be able to take care of your water damage, but they can take care of any unwanted mold as well! Call today for your free estimate!

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Thank you to 24/7 Water Restoration for quickly coming to our house and cleaning up the water damage in our basement from a burst pipe. Their technicians were extremely professional and polite. Their quick response reduced the risks of mold setting in and causing even more damage and potential allergies and health concerns for our son. Thank you for your outstanding service!